Florent Bérard musical bio

Since 2015, Florent focuses on solo piano and jazz

This is a spontaneous improvisation

More free improvisations

Some jazz

Some outdoor improvisation with bansuri

YmalaY Jazz

2012 Ymalay Jazz

New Snake year with YmalaY

studio album The birth of the groove released in 2014

recorded with Daniel Genton, drummer and percussionist

O grande amor composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim



Animal III

2011 Animal III

Florent and Nathan Steele

Jazz and bossa nova live duets, this is the exchange between the bass of Nathan Steele (usa) and the piano of Florent Bérard. Animal III played around 20 concerts in Lijiang old town.

Meditaçao composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim


1970, Florent was born in France, near Paris. Florent's family has been in love with music for generations.

In 2010 Florent moved accross country to Yunnan in Lijiang were he can find the tranquility and the mood to create more music...






2010 ALBUM "Jazzae"

All the songs are jazz standards played as reggae.
On guitar: Olivier Rateau. on voice, flute and clarinet: Isa and Romain from Madrugada and many others...

The Man I love composed by Gershwin




Comositions Naturelles

2008 ALBUM "Composition Naturelles"

Florent and Olivier
It is the collection of piano songs composed by Florent Bérard over 15 years but also the meeting with Olivier Rateau, talented guitarist.
We recorded piano and guitar live over some sequences. Than we recorded bass and drums live on the previous tracks.

Hot Memories composed by Florent Bérard

songs on myspace




2005 ALBUM "Poppa Funka"

funk electro jazz ...
Synths, sax, drums and electric guitar.

Furzer composed by Florent Bérard



2003 ALBUM "Improchinoisons"

discovering sax with his friend Wujiang on Guxin. You can hear percussions and guitars.

Guxbeat composed by Florent Bérard


in 1997 Florent moved to Beijing. He kept composing and recording alone and with other musicians.



1992-97 Adjabel

Rasin music. Based on Traditional Haitian voodoo music. they developped their own recording studio and had exchanges with numerous musicians from France, Haiti, Guadalupe, St Domingue, Ivory cost, England ...

He was pianist, composer, arranger, sound engineer...

Cavalierunto by Adjabel



Big Bang

1990-94 Big Bang

sweet mint jam by Big Bang

Big Bang Live

a Funk, punk, jazz and jam quintet.
"we were dedicated to groove! We made a few concerts and started to have some serious followers."
A the the time Florent was using a real fender rhodes and syntheizer. Guitar effects like distortion, wah and phaser ...


While studying he took part in one of the school's brass band, the "boudu bandants" as a trombone player.

Yet attracted to improvisation, he started to compose using midi recording and computers from 1986.

First composition on the piano at 3 year old, he had some classical piano courses in his youth.




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